Marsha Ambrosius, Stronger Than Pride

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Since I was a young self proclaimed connoisseur of music, I followed many singers.

I got disappointed in some of them but some I was very proud of. I remember going to the Sugar Water Festival and seeing my favorite soul group perform.

I loved both of them dearly but the voice of that group made me fall in love over and over again as she range every note. I was hooked. I was ready to get my family together in a room so they can give me some sort of intervention. I was devastated when I heard that they went their separate ways. Usually when this happens. One person from the group usually shines more than the other and selfishly, and I wanted this for Marsha. That voice deserved to be heard. She had international pipes.

Stadium, pass out, heal the world type pipes. I was her ambassador. I used to go to friend's houses and clash them with songs from the Youtube. I was usually the winner because when they thought they had their best, I would pull out my secret weapon: Marsha, anything Marsha.

Even after the separation she still managed to keep herself afloat. I was proud. I remember seeing a video for her song fa away and being confused. I'm still confused to this day but nonetheless, I still support.

Marsha always shows a daring, unapologetic side through her videos and has no filter. She lets her songs become the soundtrack to her videos. This one is no different. It begins with Marsha covered in sheets looking like she was subject of a sex story the night before. As she gazes into the camera, she lays back into bed with her male companion. The video being shot in black and white gives it that classical affect and really gives the audience something to look at. The Jeru the Damaja sampled beat really threw me off.

Not in a bad way. It was really refreshing to feel. It was also really cool seeing Marsha pay homage to Sade but sings her song over the hard hip-hop influenced beat. The video was very different for what I'm used to seeing from Marsha: her all over a man and getting undressed, are all different for me.

I loved seeing her come out of her shell without being distasteful. I am a Marsha Ambrosius fan and today after watching this video it solidified it. If you don't believe me, see it for yourself.

Stronger than Pride video: