Lana Del Rey's 'Freak' Music Video is An Epic Short Film

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After teasing the music video last week, Lana Del Rey final gave her fans the "Freak" visual that comes with just as much sultry imagery as the song itself possesses.

The "Freak" music video features Father John Misty as one of the main characters along with Lana Del Rey. As promised the girls from the "Music To Watch Boys To" music video are also present.

In the first couple of minutes the main characters are sipping on a red liquid and when the chorus drops, Father John Misty finds himself surrounded by Lana Del Rey and the rest of the women.

"Freak" is featured on Lana Del Rey's Honeymoonalbum that is still a hit with fans months after its release.

The video switches between a blissful image of Father John Misty basking in the company of all of the female attention. However, that aspect of the video appears to be a dream or trip in Father John Misty's mind. The video is beautifully shot to capture both the haunting and sultry nature of the song.

It's also over 10 minutes long with the second half featuring a slow, piano-driven track. Lana Del Rey and the rest of the girls are swimming underwater as the light shines through from ahead for over five minutes.

We're nit quite sure what Lana Del Rey was going for with this one but it's visuals are exquisite. You can check out the music video for "Freak" below.

Watch Lana Del Rey's Music Video for "Freak"