Justin Bieber's 'I'll Show You' Featuring Skrillex is Another Hit

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Once again Justin Bieber is proving that he is ready to release what sounds like his best album yet in Purpose. His new single, "I'll Show You" is an R&B/Pop track that is another hit in the making.

(Audio Below)

"I'll Show You" does feature Skrillex production but it's arranged in more of an R&B styling. Skrillex and Bieber have proven to be a formidable giant in the music world right now.

They are using the "dolphin sound" us in "Where Are U Now?" and creating hit after hit with the technique.

There is a bit of the dolphin sound in "I'll Show You" but for the most part Bieber uses delicate vocals and a very intense/genuine approach to the track.

Every song that Bieber has released thus far has been a hit, some of that should be attributed to Skrillex. Bieber has embraced a new sound that is prime for creating catchy hits like "Sorry," or new powerful ballads like "I'll Show You." Even more impressive is the chorus for "I'll Show You", where Bieber addresses the fact that his life is a movie that everyone's watching.

Bieber's Purpose will be released on November 13, chock full of hits.

Listen to "I'll Show You" below.