Howard Stern Trashes Papers For Stealing His Material

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This morning on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern unloaded on the UK newspaper The Sun for stealing his interview with Jennifer Lawrence.

The Sun, a UK publication, wrote an article about doing an interview with Jennifer Lawrence, but the interview text looks suspiciously like what happened on The Howard Stern Show.

What made Stern even more angry was that that many other publications wrote about the interview and attributed everything to The Sun.

Since then, it appears The Sun has updated their article to reference Stern's show.

But not before Stern and his staff found out about the interview, and Stern was not happy.  "It helps them to advertise," he said, adding that "this is what plays in to people's mistrust of the media."

Stern called the actions plagiarism, and he said "it's a theft...This f---in newspaper, this is the way they do business."   He later said, "they even made my f--ing interview sound like a f--ing wierd English f--ing nonsense interview."

The fracas is over an interview that Howard Stern Show did with Jennifer Lawrence last week.

In the interview, Lawrence talked about not having sex outside of relationships -- even though she talks about it a lot -- and her fear of germs and STDs.

She even said that she doesn't like hugs because they may pass germs.

Stern was extremely upset about not getting attribution for the interview. "Why do these guys feel good about stealing someone else's work?"  

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Bill Norton