Tel Aviv Based Trio, Terry Poison, Releases New Music Video

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There is something truly cosmic about Israeli-based electronic pop trio Terry Poison.

Maybe it's their intergalactic, apocalyptic beats, their uniquely stunning features or the impenetrable aura of cool that seems to radiate from every one of their infectious yet slightly off-kilter, darkly pulsing electronic pop numbers.

Following their recognition as first-place winners at the International iPhone Music Festival for the video for "Gorgeous, Terry Poison bares all in their seductive video for "Man After Man," with an exclusive premiere on Vice Noisey. Layers are shed and the sexual tension is practically palpable.

French Director Simon Birman directs the music video which takes place inside a barren rustic 20th century art deco space. According to Vice Noisey, "Louise Kahn looks like Lady Gaga's long lost sister." Check out the video exclusively here!