Raury Releases 'Fly' Featuring Malik Shakur: A Plea For A Better World

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His style might be eccentric by Raury has proven to be one of the best new artists and today he releases a beautiful track titled, "Fly" featuring Malik Shakur.

(Audio Below)

"Raury got a lot of buzz and indie love in 2014 off his mixtape Indigo Child," reports HotNewHipHop.com.

"As the buzz continues in 2015, the singer (and sometimes rapper- he dropped some nice bars on Gucci Mane's "Dead People" a few weeks back) delivers a new record today with a socially-aware and positive message."

The musician out of Atlanta has a very "Pitchforky" sound and in an uplifting acoustic marvel he addresses the issues surrounding the killings that occurred in 2014 at the hands of police officers.

His song isn't an attack but more a plea for a better world where innocence and good triumphs over everything else. The song has already received an emotional response from a fan as it begins to spread across the internet.

"#Fly is a song of healing, cause after all of the troubles we have faced. That is all we need.... Healing," said Raury on Twitter when telling fans about his new song.

Listen to "Fly" below