Gaslight Anthem Announces New Album

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Get ready, boys and girls.

The Gaslight Anthem, the Springsteen-inspired Jersey boys (many of whom now live in Brooklyn with their significant others and kids, my oh my how time flies) announced their latest project, exclusively to fans via their Facebook page.

Titled 'Get Hurt,' the album is set to drop August 19th from their label, Island Records. The die-hard can pre-order a copy of the album on the band's official website, and watch a kind of ridiculous video promoting Get Hurt.

(Seriously. Go watch it. It got at least one surprised giggle out of me.)

Recorded at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville with producer Mike Crossey (The 1975, Arctic Monkeys and Jake Bugg), Get Hurt sees The Gaslight Anthem pushing their raw, stripped back rock 'n' roll into new territory, drawing on a fresh palette of influences ranging across folk, punk, and Americana.

It is an album that is heavier, and yet at the same time more intimate, than anything they have produced to date.

I don't know about you, but I've already ordered my copy. It's time for me to switch out Handwritten for something new. Two years listening to the same album does things to you, my friends. It does things to you.