New Afrojack Edit 'Crunk'

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Afrojack has released a new edit. The DJ has recently launched his own label and this new song is going to be part of a album from Karim Mika and John Forster.

The goal for him is to be able to hear artists that catch his ear. In turn putting his own twist on a song and helping the up and coming artists grow.

(Below Karim Mika and John Forster-Crunk (Afrojack edit))

The European DJ is better known for his own songs as well as collaborations with heavyweights like Ne-yo, Pit Bull, and Beyonce.

The 27 year old is constantly touring around the world and his most recent upcoming show is going to be at the Bird's Nest in Phoenix.

Having his own label allows Afrojack to keep everything in house and help the artists that he likes best. EDM is currently a growing brand and the established guys like Afrojack must continue to look for new talent.

Thus prolonging his career. Take a listen whether you're a fan or not.

(Karim Mika "Oh Shit" Below)