Roger Sanchez Closes 2013 Strong

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House music producer, Roger Sanchez, has been on the electronic music scene for nearly two decades. The rising success of the DJ was only more profound in 2013, and there's just more to come from the artist in the new year.

Since getting in touch with his musical roots in the mid 1980's, Sanchez, then a break dancer, became fascinated with the house music that was making its way from his hometown of New York City to Chicago.

"At that time, the dominant forms of dance music in New York were freestyle and hip-hop, and house was almost the return of disco," he says. "It was stripped down and four-to-the-floor, but there was something really magical about it, and it drew me in." It was then that Sanchez began to produce his own work, releasing and selling remixes, mix-tapes, performing at parties, etc.

Since then, Sanchez has launched four different record labels and has also won multiple awards for his remixes and musical works.

In the past year, Sanchez released the hugely successful "Troubleman" and "Release Yourself '13" compilation, as well as his newest single "My Roots".

Sanchez's new album 'Roots' has tons of "stunning pieces of retrofitted house that represents the renewed direction Roger's music has taken over the past year".

Huffington Post has described the track "My Roots" as having "everything there - tribal overtones, and hits of salsa that make the deep track a true dance floor rattler." The track relates back to it's original New York underground house sounds, and is a classic house track with elements of tribal, making it a well-liked track by old-time fans of electronic music as well as newcomers to the genre.

In regards to his album release of 'Roots', Sanchez has recently stated, "I felt time was right to drop the next chapter in return to the underground. "My Roots" is very representative of the original vibe when I started out in house music, but done in a very current and modern mentality.

The sounds that I started out with are back in a big way in the underground, and I just felt very inspired to create something that captures that party vibe." Sanchez plans to bring back this underground sounds to electronic music listeners all around the world.

"I went back to my grimy, dirty jackin' house sounds with this one, and its very representative of my DJ'ing technique with builds, big bass line drops and huge soaring vocals.

It's been fantastic to see how well it's been received on my dance floor," he continued.

Sanchez has recently stated, "There is a rebirth of underground house music and a new, young audience that is discovering this sound and really looking for deeper and sexier sounds and vibes.

I think that dance music has grown and matured, especially in the United States but also globally, and audiences are really looking for more variety and depth within the genre." This is only giving more hope to continuous growth to come for the underground industry of electronic music in the coming months of 2014.