New Logic Track 'Like Woah' Surfaces in 'The Incredible True Story' Pre-Order

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Fans of Logic know all about Logic's push to have the number one album with The Incredible True Story, at which point he will release the new music video for "Young Jesus" featuring Big Lenbo.

Official "Like Woah" Audio

However another track has surfaced in the pre-order and it's one that some fans have already heard an unmixed version of.

"Like Woah" is the name of the track and all signs point to it being the second single released for the album, though, that is not confirmed by Logic or VMG. The rest of the track-listing remains unannounced so we're not quite sure what the plans are for the complete track-list reveal. That being said, Logic did perform the "Like Woah" or "Woah" track at Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL on 8/1/15, according to the titled of the YouTube video below.

The video was posted to the Kevin Shin YouTube Channel and before the tack begins Logic says that the song is new and that it hadn't been mixed yet. It's a pretty hyped track with some jazzy undertones from what you can hear in the audio.

Logic mentions multiple times that the song is new and continues to rip it on the microphone. He also mentions that the track was produced by VMG producer 6ix.

Recently Logic participated in his own panel at the New York Comic Con where he was able to meet many of his fans.

The Incredible True Story is scheduled to be released on November 13. You can check out the video of Logic performing "Like Woah" below.

Logic performing "Like Woah"