'Nobody's Smiling' on the Common ground (Album Review)

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My excitement and curiosity of what Common had to bring in his new album directed me to get the hard copy.

With truth to his name, Common created a masterful collection of music made up with the voices and truth of people.

Taking from a title from one of the songs, "Speak My Piece" can perfectly describe the general message of the album. Every song speaks for its own, but Common speaks for all of us.

The collection was co-created and as much made with the production of No ID. He majorly contributed to the ambience of each piece. The greatness individually, of No ID's skillful productions and Common's lyrical realism, was put together and synchronized harmoniously.

Thoroughly enjoying every song, each one can be spoken of in grand detail.
Besides the beat and lyrics, Common's choice of features can be given a round of applause.

In contrast to his line on "Rewind That," ("felt like I had to leave home to be a household name"), Common uses the power of being one to shed some light on artists that are already on that common ground but not a household yet. The singers featured like Jhene Aiko, Elijah Blake and rappers Lil Herb, Vince Staples, Cocaine 80s, Malik Yusef and Snoh Aalegra all held their own with their contributing pieces.

Each one gaining respect from people around, Common had an ingenious idea of who to choose for collaboration. They helped Common in creating messages of empowerment, struggle, atrocities, unified peace and love.

I have nothing but gaining respect for Common and his artistry. He continues to contribute his genius to the culture of Hip-Hop.

Listen to the new album "Nobody's Smiling" out now.