Dance Music Artist, Ken Dahl, Drops New Single "Casper"

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New from the latest dance and pop artist from the Big Apple, Ken Dahl, is his catchy single "Casper", his own declaration aimed at people who put others down as they hide behind computer screens.

Dahl, similar sounding the Robyn and Kelis, started songwriting at a young age.

His passion for the craft stemmed from being suspended from school, being under strict punishment with no access to his television, phone or radio.

To occupy his time, the artist used a pen and paper for last resort entertainment - the rest is history.

When Ken Dahl first started songwriting, he channeled his inner R&B, gaining inspiration from Brandy, Toni Braxton and other signature songwriters and musicians.

As time went on, Dahl eventually found his own voice, incorporating his strong sense of humor and fearless attitude into his songwriting, and continued to write in his own perspective.

His first single "If This Pussy Could Talk" quickly became an underground hit and popular among his fans and staples in the media, including Perez Hilton.

With this critically acclaimed single under his belt, Dahl went on to drop four more albums - Tricks of the Trade in 2009, The Adahlcalypse in 2010, Ken Dahl in 2011 and GPS in 2012.

All of the album releases featured different spins on his signature dance and pop sound, but still provided his fans and followers with music they would enjoy.

The release of "Casper" isn't all Ken Dahl has in store for fans and listeners recently.

This month, the artist will also drop his new album Delayed Gratification, which will be a breath of fresh air for both Dahl and his fans after a two year hiatus.

If you enjoy poppy dance songs that pair great with a crowded dance floor, look no further than to checking out the work of Ken Dahl, and look for his upcoming album, Delayed Gratification, out this month.