Justin Bieber 'Children' EDM Remixes Have Begun

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From the initial sound of Justin Bieber's track "Children" off of his massive record breaking album Purpose, we knew there would be a slew of remixes coming from the EDM community. Today, Alessandro Kraus becomes another one of the DJ's to take a crack at remixing the track.

(Audio Below)

Kraus takes the already pumped up version of Bieber's "Children" and transforms it into an even heavier trance styled club hit. The remix finds itself building up from the short intro and exploding into a rager of a song.

It's a well done arrangement of the track that will have many other DJ's pretty impressed.

In our review of Bieber's Purpose we mentioned that "Children" along with a few other tracks lend themselves well to an EDM format that is perfect for remixes such as this one.

It remains a mystery of how or why Bieber decided to tap into the sound, but it is without a doubt one of the big reasons that his album was so widely accepted.

Of course the catchy lyrics, meaning and stellar collaborations also need to be highlighted. You can rest assure that this remix of Bieber's "Children" won't be the last one you hear.

In the meantime you can check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Listen to Alessandro Kraus' remix of Justin Bieber's "Children" below.