Lady Gaga Gets Grody at SXSW Fest

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Subtle is not in Lady Gaga's vocabulary.

The pop musician thrives on controversy and relies on shock value to secure her place in the spotlight (remember the meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV VMAs?).

While surely no one was expecting a tame performance from Gaga at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin last night (March 13th), they definitely weren't prepared for what actually occurred on stage.

Gaga performed at Stubb's Bar-B-Q and the entire set lasted a little over an hour.

The show opened with Gaga being "roasted" on a spit in the center of the stage (spit-roasted at a BBQ joint: oh Gaga, you clever, clever girl, you).

Things got even weirder later, when she began her fourth song of the night, 'Swine.' During the song Lady Gaga's friend and fellow artist, Millie Brown, chugged a neon green liquid and then proceeded to induce vomiting....all over Gaga's chest.

This happened multiple times, and all the while Gaga went on playing the drums, completely unfazed.

As if that weren't enough, Gaga and Brown then mounted a mechanical pig and the ladies embraced in a sexually-charged leg-lock. The act was topped off by some more vomiting, of course.

Scoff at Gaga if you must, but you have to give the girl credit. She really is a pro at riling up the media. Can't wait to see what she whips up next time!

You can watch a clip of the stomach churning performance here: