Listen to Howard Stern Using a 'Gay Lie Detector' on Sal and Richard

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George Takei was on The Howard Stern Show today, and he and Howard got out the 'Gay Lie Detector' on Sal and Richard. What are the results?

Howard has in the past suggested that Richard and Sal are gay.

His"evidence:" 1) they went on a weekend getaway to Atlantic City together where they went to a spa with men; 2) Sal "masturbated beside Richard;" 3) Richard took baths with his friends when he was a teenager; 4) Richard touched tongues with Joey Boots; 5) Richard and Sal painted each other's c--ks.

So Howard brings on a guy named Ed Torian, a lie detector "expert," who uses a new, computerized polygraph.

So What Does Howard Stern Find Out About Sal?

Sal says he needs to be confident and get the test out of the way. Sal can't stop looking at Ed.

Ed starts asking questions: "do you think Richard understands you better than your wife?" Yes. "Is Richard more loving than your wife?" No.

"Have you ever thought about Richard during sex?" "Do you find c---k attractive?" Yes. "Have you ever eaten your own ejaculate?" Yes.

Ed then asks different line of questions:"Have you said the N-word in the last year?" Yes. "Do you believe white people are smarter than black people?" No.

"Do you believe all Jewish people are cheap?" No. "Do you think all Muslims are terrorists?" 'No, not all..."' "Are you afraid of Muslims?" No. "Do you hate people of color?" No.

The verdict? Sal was lying when he said Richard wasn't more loving than his wife. Next question: "Have you ever thought about Richard during sex?" Ed says Sal was lying. Sal admits Richard's face may have popped up.

What else was Sal lying about? Ed says that Sal really had thought about having sex with Richard.

Now is Sal racist? Ed says that Sal believes that white people are smarter than black people. He also apparently believes that Jewish people are cheap, and all Muslims are terrorists.

Howard Stern: What About Richard?

Richard decides to take the test with his pants off, for some reason.

Then, Ed starts. The first question is "do you have any gay feelings?" Next, "did you get a boner bathing with your friend in the bathtub?" Richard says no to both.

Then, Ed asks, "did you get aroused looking at Sal's a--?" No. "Would you like to lick Sal's a---hole?" No. "Have you ever been aroused watching gay porn?" No. "Have you ever had gay intercourse?" No.

The questions continue. Richard says "no" to most. However, "when a man shoots a huge load, does that turn you on?" Richard says "yes."

The verdict? Ed says that Richard lied when he said he didn't have gay feelings. And apparently, Richard wants to lick Sal's a----ole.

And he was aroused by gay porn. But from the results, it appears that Richard hasn't experimented sexually with a man.

Howard thinks it definitely seems Richard is gay, but he hasn't acted on it.

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