Logic's 'Flexicution' is Hard-Hitting

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It looks like Logic is trying to claim the number one spot in hip-hop with his latest single "Flexicution." Logic delivered the hard-hitting track feature a chorus that practically screams "I'm the best."

With incredible production from 6ix Logic showcases why he shouldn't be taken lightly in hip-hop on "Flexicution." As he flexes on the track, Logic cites his album sales and success as pure reasons why he should be taken seriously.

He says he is giving the people what they want and while the chorus seems a little unfamiliar from Logic, it works to deliver a strong message.

Of course the second half of "Flexicution" is intense with Logic's rapid flow bursting through the beat.

There is no doubt that this is a braggadocios song from Logic but towards the end it becomes a bit of a reflection for Logic.

He tells fans he knows it has been some time since you heard from him, however, someone pushed his buttons and now he is ready to bounce back.

Logic revealed he is working on two albums however, one of the two won't be out for quite some time. The "Flexicution" should be a good sign that at least one of those two pieces are nearing.

If it is anything like his debut Under Pressure or his most recent album The Incredible True Story, fans are in for one hell of an album to come. You can listen to "Flexicution" below.

Listen to Logic's "Flexicution" Single


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