Review: Chvrches' New Album 'Love Is Dead' Is Brilliant

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In this day and age, it's not uncommon to see music artists change their musical style to please the mainstream audience.

Some of my favorite artists of all time have done that including the likes of Metallica, Linkin Park, Taylor Swift and more.

Thankfully, Chvrches' new third album called 'Love Is Dead' still retains the band iconic synth-pop sound as it does not sound different to their previous two albums.

That being said, the meaning of the lyrics behind the songs take a more mature and darker direction rarely seen in the pop music genre.

Usually today's pop artists don't feature songs with heavy meanings as they opt for songs about love or having fun.

What I admire most about 'Love Is Dead' is the fact that it takes a more political approach showcasing the ideological position that singer Lauren Mayberry takes in today's climate.

'Love Is Dead' opens with a dark song called 'Grafitti' that sets the tone of the entire album as it looks at a future where the world has been hit by nuclear war.

Even though the song has a dark meaning, it still retains the bands upbeat pop sound.

Other songs with political undertones include the songs 'Get Out' where she is arguing with another person with a different political view and 'Miracle' where the person sees things from both angles.

I think the song 'My Enemy' is self explanatory as she disagrees with the person she's arguing with and no longer wants to be their friend.

Despite the darker lyrics, the actual sound of the songs still have the band's iconic sound which is a good thing.

The direction of the album is not far from the sound of the band's previous work which is good to hear.

The only disappointing thing about 'Love Is Dead' is that it only has 12 songs in total with no bonus tracks whatsoever.

A "13th" song called 'ii' is added, but it's just a minute long instrumental outro that's not very interesting to listen to.

Not to mention Lauren Mayberry only sings on 11 of the 13 songs featured on the album. The song 'God's Plan' (not a Drake cover) is mostly sung by Martin Doherty while 'My Enemy' is partly sung by guest singer Matt Berninger.

Overall, Love Is Dead is a brilliant album that fans of Chvrches will love a lot. The darker tone does not change the sound of the band so fans will love it no matter what.

Verdict: 4.5/5 stars

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