T.I. V.S. Azealia Banks

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The social media battlefield is heating up again. Rapper T.I. isn't taking anything that Azealia Banks has said about him and his wife Tiny lightly.

Banks has struck another cord tweeting that Tiny has a "meth face" and also claimed that she was illiterate. According to BET.com Banks issued a personal challenge to T.I. to "come see her," after her threatened to "end her" if she spoke in a negative manner about his family again.

Reports from BET.com states that Banks, a rapper from Harlem, took to social media after listening to T.I. and Iggy Azalea's new single 'No Mediocre,' saying "U want no mediocre...Have you seen your wife?" Following the tweet T.I. took to Instagram to express ow angry he was with Banks' shots at him and his family. Banks has always been taking shots at T.I.'s Grand Hustle crew starting with Iggy Azalea reported BET.com.

Photo courtesy of Concerttour