Rosetta Premiers 'Soot'

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Philadelphia post-metal band Rosetta - who have been known to describe themselves as "music for astronauts" - has premiered the track "Soot" from their new EP Flies to Flame over at Translation Lost

??Rosetta's sound can almost be described as a continuation of the sound the most-unfortunately-named-band-in-the-world, Isis, was shooting for before their break-up in 2010: ambient, massive, and drenched in weed and delay pedals.??

Rosetta's debut, The Galilean Satellites, was notable for its double-disc sized ambition.

The first disc contained the album, the second was full of ambient noise, meant to be played at the same time as the first, almost as if the band was allowing to choose between a psychedelic experience and a really psychedelic experience.

??Since The Galilean Satellites, Rosetta has released three more full-length albums - 2007's Wake/Lift, 2010's A Determinism of Morality, and 2013's self-released The Anaesthete - and numerous EPs and split albums.??In additional news, Rosetta has announced two US shows to mark the release of Flies to Flame, claiming that these will be their last until the end of the year.

The band will be atypically performing as a five-piece with Eric Jernigan of City of Ships joining them on guitar.???

Here are the dates:

Friday, October 17th - Brooklyn NY - Saint Vitus
w/ Tiger Flowers and So Hideous
Get tickets here:

Saturday, October 18th - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle
w/ Tiger Flowers and Ladder Devils
Get tickets here: