Snowbird Prepares For Release of Debut LP Moon

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Snowbird duo Stephanie Dosen and Simon Raymonde have created an album of delicate melody and mood that radiates the eerie mystery of the object it's named after: Moon.

The first single off of the album, "Porcelain", is available for listening on Pitchfork.

Moon will feature a number of appearances of other artists in the industry, including Philip Selway (drummer of Radiohead) and Ed O'Brien (guitarist of Radiohead), as well as Eric Pulido, McKenzie Smith, Paul Gregory and Jonathan Wilson.

Raymonde and Dosen first met when Raymonde discovered Dosen's music and ended up producing her debut album on Belle Union. The two decided to work together to record and produce Moon.

They were on opposite ends of the world, and every night Raymonde would send Dosen piano pieces, and receive his pieces back with Dosen's beautiful voice recorded overtop.

"After two weeks, we had the basis for what now makes up Moon", Raymonde explained of the recording and producing process of Moon.

"I wrote every piece of music at night in semi-darkness os that the space didn't feel like my living room," Raymonde stated. "The moon was very important for the light it reflected." This is only one of the reasons the duo named their album Moon.

The stories of the record are all based in the night-time and in the moonlit forest.

"The moon only shines because it is being seen by the sun - I like the idea of that sort of illumination of an object or a person.

It's almost like being seen makes us shine", Dosen explained about the title of their debut LP.

Raymonde explained that Moon is "very much Stephanie's record".

When speaking about the record release, he described Dosen as a special singer, and that he feels the simplicity of his music was the perfect backdrop for her voice and vocal arrangements.

Moon is set to be released in early 2014 and in double-disc form with a bonus album of remixes, titled Luna.