Krewella's Rising Sucess in 2013 - Only More to Come in 2014

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By now, if you are a fan of electronic music, there is no way that you aren't familiar with the rising trio, Krewella.

The group consists of sisters, songwriters and vocalists - Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf -, alongside producer Kris "Rain Man" Trindl.

The trio has made huge moves in the music industry this past year, and will only continue to make more progress and drop more tracks in 2014 to come.

To end their successful year of 2013 with a bang, Krewella released a lyric music video for their newest single "Enjoy The Ride", which can viewed below!

Billboard stated earlier this year that "Krewella is going to be huge", and they were more than correct with their statement. The release of their debut album, 'Get Wet', debuted at the #8 spot on the Billboard Top 100 Chart and #1 on the Electronic Album Chart.

Their debut album includes the single "Enjoy The Ride", along with their two Top 40 radio tracks "Alive" and "Live For The Night".

The talented trio's single "Alive" has sold over 800,000 copies to date, and the success of their debut single "Killin' It" won them their award for "Best New Artist" at the 2013 International Dance Music Awards.

Krewella recently finished their North American headlining tour, with over 55 shows around the country, and even stopped while in New York City to put on a live performance of "Live For The Night" on ABC's Good Morning America as the network's first ever electronic music performance.

The trio has a cult following fan-base, who call themselves the "Krew", and have reached over 1 million followers on Facebook.

There is only more to come for the trio in the upcoming years, so be sure to keep up with the ever talented trio, Krewella on Facebook, Twitter and their website,