The Howard Stern Show: Memet Has A Meltdown, And What Happened To Tan Mom? (Listen)

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On today's The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern got an update from Tan Mom. It appears that Tan Mom has met a super-rich "Fortune 500 stockbroker" who is moving her across the country to live.

As you may expect, Howard Stern had a field day with that.

But what's more interesting is that Schuli talked to Tan Mom, and she was extremely happy to talk to everyone in the crew -- but for some reason, she didn't want to talk to Sal.

So Howard and the crew went about trying to find out why she hates Sal.

According to Howard, Tan Mom has an "I've been spurned by Sal" voice. But Sal claims he didn't make out with her or cop a feel.

Sal did recall a few stories about Tan Mom: During a flight, Sal says that Tan Mom hit him with a crutch. Howard played a clip of her yelling at Sal, who was a few rows in front of her.

Sal also played a clip of Tan Mom arguing with the flight attendant for being moved from the exit row.

She starts getting more and more angry -- and for some reason, they didn't throw her off the plane. She actually asked to get off, but they convinced her to stay on the plane.

Schuli said that Teen Mom was arrested at airports for going back through the security gate so she could have a smoke.

Howard Stern Tells Memet Something Devastating

Also on today's The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern summoned Memet and Steve Nowicki to tell him something devastating.

You may remember that Memet was offered $5000 by a gay guy for a hookup. Memet was super excited that a guy wanted him -- and he wanted $5000, so he tried to negotiate.

That day, Memet came on air, bragging. But it turns out that Steve Nowicki also got an offer from the same guy -- but he got even more. Needless to say, Howard and Robin loved that.

After the crew made fun of Memet for a while, he started to have a meltdown.

Like he promised to be celibate a few months ago, he's now promising not to talk about his life on the show again.

Jon Hein and the crew told lots of stories about Memet; then Memet started screaming about how everyone who hates him.

Memet started talking about how everyone on the show hates him, including Robin.

"When I come in here you like rip me to f---- threads," he yelled, as the crew kept making fun of him.

Eventually, Memet said "f----- all of you...none of you back there better talk to me today....I thought these were my f---- friends."

Then Jon Hein and Memet got into a huge argument, telling each other f---- you. The whole segment was absolutely hilarious.

We'll try to get a clip of this if it comes available.

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