Travis Scott Shows Kid Cudi His Continued Support

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Rapper Travis Scott has gone on record to say that Kid Cudi is one of the biggest influences for him and he is still continuing to support Cudi's new project Speedin Bullet To Heaven.


Scott, at one point, refused to released Rodeo until he had a feature with Cudi but decided otherwise.

That being said, Cudi still decided to make Scott's Rodeo album promotion even better by giving it his full support which made Scott emotional once again.

Now, Scott is returning the favor as he took to Twitter to retweet Cudi's two new singles from his upcoming album Speedin Bullet To Heaven. The two singles titled, "Wedding Tux" and "Judgemental Cunt" continue the grungy style that Cudi is moving towards with Speedin Bullet To Heaven. It's not the same sound you would expect from a Man on the Moon or a project from his initial introduction to the music business.

The singles show, rather, a complex new approach to the music and somewhat of a growth in Cudi's musical palette.

Traditional fans aren't pleased however the majority of Cudi's current fanbase have provided him with very positive feedback, that he's made a task of retweeting.

Meanwhile Cudi has yet to give word on whether or not Man on the Moon 3 will ever come to fruition.

Update:Kid Cudi says MOTM3 is just a title and will be nothing like his previous work.

He explained that his first two albums were meant to be un-topped and he didn't think he would have made another album past MOTM2.