Years and Years Continues To Dominate Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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It's becoming a rare occasion when Years and Years aren't featured on the Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart because they've been dominant for a few month's now.

As of the moment this article is being written, their single "Shine" sits at the number three spot on the charts.

(Audio Below)

In weeks past "Years and Years" has managed to solidify positions in the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart top five often being found in the top three spots.

There is no surprise that "Shine" has brought them back to the top spot once again as it features the same recipe of their previous singles "King" and "Desire." Their fresh Electronic sound lends well to radio play and while much of their singles from the debut album "Communion" have already been released, they show promise of even better tracks to come.

"'Shine' is taken from an album called 'Communion', but instead of togetherness, loneliness and heartbreak seem to be the overriding themes of Years & Years' debut," according to DIYMagazine.

"Olly Alexander deals with the heavy topics better than most, flipping grim reality on its head, switching torment to triumph.

Love deals out difficult hands, and this is the trio's best attempt yet at summing up the pendulum-swing of a stormy relationship."

The complexities of modern day relationships continue to grow and with it comes a slurry of problems. Years and Years manages to highlight these issues with a catchy chorus and some great production to create a listening and learning experience.

The stories seem to be meant as lessons that listeners should either learn from or can relate to. "Communion" is scheduled to be released on July 10 but in the meantime, fans can check out the new single "Shine" below.

Listen to "Shine" below.