Years And Years, Victoria Monet, Earlly Mac & Troy Ave Top Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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This week the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart gets heavy as an EDM hit tops the chart with Hip-Hop and R&B hits right on it's tail as Years and Years, Victoria Monet, Earlly Mac and Troy Ave round out the top four.

The Billboard Emerging Artists Charts is created by ranking the most shared songs on Twitter.

Topping the chart this week is Years and Years with their infectious song titled, "Desire." The song has been among the top five Emerging Artists before but a recent share by Katy Perry via Twitter may have been the reason it has rocketed back to the top of the charts.

The song is very catchy and features a very distinct Dance beat that fans will enjoy.

"Desire" By Years And Years

Sitting at number two on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart is Victoria Monet and her hit song titled, "Made In China," featuring Taylor Gang's Ty Dolla $ign. Monet is a rising R&B talent that has managed to impress her fans with her powerful voice.

Monet also displayed her talents when she took to covering Drake's "How Bout Now" that has been shared via Twitter as well. Her "Nightmares and Lullabies - Act 1" EP is available on iTunes for those looking for more Monet.

"Made In China" By Victoria Monet featuring Ty Dolla $ign

In at number three is Earlly Mac and his track "Do It Again" featuring Big Sean. The song features a trippy beat and two pretty amazing verses from Sean and Mac.

Having Big Sean on any track is sure to be a driving factor in its success.

The two artists show a lot of chemistry on the track and Sean continues his braggadocios style of rap to paint a picture of his riches and experiences for his fans.

The beat of the song is pretty hypnotic and will have fans bobbing their heads.

"Do It Again" By Earlly Mac featuring Big Sean

Rounding out the top four is Troy Ave and his new track titled, "Fake Butt Busta." The track is a diss track to those women who invest in a fake booty for fame or lustful attraction.

It's completely dedicated to completely annexing the women with fake butts and though the beat is sultry and smooth it's clearly a super diss.

One of the funniest lines that the track features goes, "fake booty broads ain't forget y'all Looking Like a toothpick in a meatball." For this and more funny lyrics fans can listen to the track below.

"Fake Butt Busta" By Troy Ave