Connecticut Welcomes 'The Revivalists' : Toad's Place Performance

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The Revivalists brought their talents to New Haven, CT's small and cozy historical concert venue Toad's Place for the next stop on their fall tour.

Even though the six band members may all now consider New Orleans their origin, they individually have roots all over.

But despite the different backgrounds and individual influences among members, the band blends together seemingly effortlessly as it produces an entirely smooth and blissful sound that just works.

The band continues to draw national attention since its development in 2007 and the energy of the crowd in New Haven could not reflect this more.

The Revivalists re-released their latest album, "City of Sound" this past March. Breakout song "Criminal" was among those played and did not disappoint.

Also played was fan-favorite "Catching Fireflies," during which lead vocalist David Shaw came off stage and continued performing in the crowd.

The set list combined favorites like opening song "Stand Up" with songs off upcoming not yet released projects, but regardless of whether the song was tried and true, the crowd's intensity never waived.

That stands as just another testament to the appreciation Revivalists fans have for the music.

Also appreciated was bassist George Gekas who is Connecticut born and raised. As fans cheered him on, he wrapped up the set with a very humble thank you to his friends, family, and above all, fans.

To get more of your Revivalist fix, look for tickets to the next dates on their fall tour. Also don't forget to check out the band's blog.

Members post regularly and give a superb insight into what tour life is like, the process of developing music, and the different experiences different places bring. It's just another great supplement to the band's awesome music.