RxGF's New Album 'Any Other Way' is the Perfect Spooky Soundtrack for Halloween Weekend

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For those looking for something more gritty and industrial to add to their eclectic electronic music collection, look no further than the upcoming album from RxGF, Any Other Way, which will drop on Saturday November 1st.

This is the perfect spooky soundtrack for your Halloween weekend.

The indie-electro and dark-wave band from Brooklyn and Seattle, RxGF, has been nominated for three AIMA Awards this year for Best Video, Best Alternative Artist and Best Producer. Any Other Way will be the band's third full-length album release.

RxGF, which stands for "Radioactive X Girlfriend", is stacked full of talented instrumentals - drums, keys, guitars, percussion, loops - from musicians Angeline Schaaf, John Morgan Reilly, Jonathan Plum and Matthew Burgess.

First gathering together in 2010, RxGF began an eccentric brand of songwriting, experimenting and dipping into "electro exploration into the realm of all things shadowy and sublime is both futuristic and epic, precise yet serrated, current and edgy."

RxGF is backed by strong vocals from Angeline Shaaf, who leads the band with an "authentic yet almost imperious assult on everything an audience might take for granted", with raw and passionate lyrics and sound.

The band has come a long way since first debuting as an indie guitar-heavy sound in their early years, now transformed into their experimental indie-electro and dark-wave sound.

For a spooky and dark soundtrack for your weekend Halloween festivities, look no further than streaming RxGF's new album Any Other Way.