Howard Stern Pranks Bobo With Fake Twitter Call (Listen)

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Today on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM, Steve from Florida (the former Bobo) called in to talk about how he was "drilled" by Twitter.

Steve/Bobo started off talking about the Super Bowl, but Howard quickly asked him if he had gotten a call from twitter regarding his verification.

Bobo responded that he did get a call, and that he "was drilled" for 45 minutes by them.

Bobo has been complaining for a while that other Howard Stern fans have been creating fake twitter accounts, with his photos and his numbers, and pretending to be him.

Because of this, Bobo was eager to get verified by the social networking site.

Knowing this, Howard decided to have a comedian call Bobo saying that she worked for twitter and needed to question him in order to give him a verification. The prank turned out to be hilarious.

The first thing that the comedian asked Bobo was to speak in all hashtags. He had a lot of trouble with that, and said he was too nervous because it was such a big day for him.

She then asked him to say all the insulting names that people call him in hashtags. He responded, "#scumbag, #loser, #balda**hole, #gokillyourself, #dumbf**k, ...#gosuckmyba**s, #scumbucket, #die, #jumpoffabridge, ..." Those were off the top of his head.

Then, the comedian asked Bobo if he had any celebrity friends. He responded, "I met Jerry Seinfeld on the street and had a chat with him," and the comedian said, "just to sum this up you have no celebrity friends."

Bobo then claimed he sees people's lives.

He said his passion is with safety, and he puts safety tips on twitter, and it's "a joy for me to save people's lives." After that, the comedian got Bobo to tweet like a bird, because "we're gonna have an audio component coming out."

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