Mac Miller Gets Emotional on Twitter

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Mac Miller is known for his strange Tweets but he recently got a little emotional.

His buddy Schoolboy Q today posted about the end of the OxyMoron tour, which may have something to do with it but never-the-less, Mac expresses himself to his fans.

It also may be related to the death of his grandfather which happened earlier in his life. He references his grandfather in one of his early songs Life Ain't Easy:

"My grandpa told me one day I'll be everything and more
It's better never to question every lesson that's in store"

And his grandfather was right, Mac has stayed independent and yet has become an extremely influential voice in young culture. Here are his recent emotions posted:

Like his buddy Wiz Khalifa, Mac is an avid pot smoker, so that is likely what the reference is to "sober" self. Mac Miller started to get noticed early in life (while in high school), so it's likely that this kind of a substance abuse issue could grow later in life.

Regardless, it is good to see Mac express a real thought to the fans that love him. Even though Mac;s music has changed drastically in the last couple years, his fan base has remained largely in tact.