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I used to be an avid fan of 'The Wire' and I used to pay attention to it a lot. I almost felt like I could've been a character in the series.

I love hip hop and its culture and loved that The Wire was a big part of that and vice versa.

I spend a lot of time surfing the web (blogs, websites, etc..) looking for the new up and coming stars. So imagine the surprise when I look up and find one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite shows trying his hand out as an artist. The song the blogs were talking about was a song called "Henny". That New York boom map was present.

An old Mobb Deep beat dusted off, given a little bit of that 2013 juice was what he used to get his message across. As the song begins, his first words were a bit timid for sure.

Asking his subject: 'How the hell did she get here and was she sent for him?'. That made me want to listen more.

History has shown us that a lot of actors turn artists don't transition well, but this was something I was pulled into. Hearing Mack open up note after note had me surprised. Then I click the next video, hoping I will be just as impressed and surprisingly, I am. This one has a video and it's called "OWN IT". As the scenes start it shows Mr. Mack as an artist, a real artist, and it shows that he is clearly taking this seriously. And not only is the video good but so is the song. It's actually something I would purchase (not that I don't purchase music).

He's smiling, having fun with his lyrics, even dancing a little bit. It's not an over sexed video but not too much puppy love either.
Listening to Macks music and looking at his performances shows that he is a student of the game and he is willing to be taught. His project has the vintage NY hip hop feel but he has the sound of a young D'angelo. He doesn't shy away from his Staten Island roots either, boasting features from WU-TANG members Method man and RaeKWON. While people are out chasing the trap music sound, Mack finds New York's sound and places himself all over it. Hearing Mr. Wilds' music, it gives me the hope for more music to come. I am a fan and I hope you listen and become a fan as well.