Wiz Khalifa Slows It Down With 'Fucc Day' Track

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa, the self-proclaimed TGOD has been releasing some pretty high quality tracks with banging beats and a more street style delivery.

In his newest track "Fucc Day," Khalifa slows it down a bit with help from Rocky P on the production.

(Audio Below)

"Fucc Day" is a track for the ladies, more importantly the ones who are interesting in just relations. It's a love making anthem where Khalifa reveals that it doesn't matter what he is doing he is always up for it as long as he receives the call. His flow is altered to match the slow pounding pace of the Ricky P produced track.

The track has a very clear goal. It's not meant to be a club song and it is not for the braggadocios type.

"Fucc Day" is pretty much a self-explanatory title, which gives away the essence of the entire track. It seems like Khalifa really just wanted to have fun with this one and the result is something different but still pretty concrete.

"Wiz can get explicit when he wants to, but it's his subtlety that makes 'Fucc Day' shine," commented HotNewHipHop.

Meanwhile, fans are still awaiting a release date for Khalifa's highly anticipate Rolling Papers 2 album which we believed would be coming soon.

It is still unclear where Khalifa stands with the album and whether or not it will even make it's release in 2015 with just under two months left in the year.

That being said, Khalifa has been steadily releasing music to keep his fans at bay.

You can check out "Fucc Day" below and stay tuned for more updates on Rolling Papers 2.

Listen to "Fucc Day" below.