Jason Ellis Talks Fights and Glory Holes on Howard Stern (Listen)

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Skateboarder Jason Ellis came on the Howard Stern Show to talk about a variety of topics, including fighting Shane Carwin, getting clean, and glory holes...and the conversation couldn't get crazier.

Besides talking about Jason Ellis' hot girlfriend, his stunts, and getting clean, the two discussed some of Jason's craziest experiences:

Howard Stern and Jason Ellis Talk Glory Holes

Howard Stern then turned the conversation to glory holes. He said "to me, the scariest thing you've done is put your c---- into a glory hole." Jason Ellis said he did it many times.

But Howard Stern was concerned that someone "could bite your c----," which made Jason crack up. The place he went to was a "fun park of glory holes" -- thousands of holes everywhere.

Still, Howard wouldn't let up on the biting... Jason admits he got an STD from a glory hole, but Howard was much more concerned about scissors or biting.

The conversation later moved on to Snapchatting nude pictures of Jason's girlfriend, and his best orgasm.

Jason said he was "pansexual," but he said his best orgasm was from getting it in the butt.

His girlfriend started by using her fingers, and then she used a big vibrator...which gave him 5 different orgasms. He also said he loves women with strap-ons.

You can listen to the clip here:

Howard Stern and Jason Ellis Talk Fighting Shane Carwin

In another segment, Howard Stern talked about his fight with Shane Carwin at Ellismania.

While Howard was talking about fear, and Jason's previous crazy stunts, they got into discussing Jason's fights.

Shane Carwin had his arm taped to his side and fought Jason with one hand. Although Howard claimed that Jason knocked himself out, Jason said Carwin hit him and knocked him down three times.

Jason said that when he was hit, he didn't feel pain -- but he did feel stunned. Later, Jason called the fight a "performance" -- "I was trying to put on a show."

You can listen to the clip here:

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