Mac Miller: Who Should He Tour With?

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Mac Miller asked a very good question on his Twitter account: Who do you wanna see me go on tour with?.

Mac Miller fans have been a bit confused with the young rappers direction as of late especially with the re-launch of Mac's show on MTV.

That, coupled with Mac's unusual recent style, have left much of his early fans in limbo.

So when Mac tweeted out a simple question about who he should tour with, his account exploded with re-tweets. At the moment, Mac only has one concert scheduled and it's in Vegas on the 24th.

It does seem odd that the popular rapper would not be touring this season, but he seems content with life at the moment.

However, he did put it out there for the world to weight in on so he must be thinking about his next move when it comes to touring.

So we're asking you straight up, who do you want to see Mac go on tour with?