Fetty Wap Releases 'Ride Or Die' & 'Sumn Quick'

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Rapper Fetty Wap, the man who Kanye West co-signed as one of his favorite artists out right now, has released two new tracks titled,"Ride Or Die" and "Sumn Quick" to his barrage of hits.

(Audio Below)

"Ride Or Die" plays upon Fetty Wap's ability to relate the streets and love paying homage to the idea of a "Trap Queen." The "Ride Or Die" mentality needs no explanation and the uncredited female vocals have a bit of an island twist in some instances. The song itself is much like "Trap Queen" which isn't a bad thing considering that song is still widely played on the radio.

The new offering is very radio friendly and it would be interesting to see what Yeezy has to say about the track.

"Last night we featured a new leak from the recent XXL Freshmen Fetty Wap, 'Sum'n Quick,' but that was just one of two new drops from the New Jersey, Patterson MC," reported HotNewHipHop.com.

"This morning we're throwing up his second Soundcloud release, which seemed to have slipped through the cracks, 'Ride or Die.'"

"Sumn Quick" finds Wap shouting our his "Zoo-gang" pretty heavily. The intro to the track pretty much explains why Wap chose the name "Something Quick" for the track. It's a braggadocios track about getting cash, fetty, loot or any other nickname for money you can think of.

It's yet again another catchy track thanks to the excellent production and overall sound. It only comes in at two minutes and 40 seconds but it serves it's purpose.

Listen to "Ride Or Die" below.

Listen to "Something Quick" below.