Logic's Inspirational Message to Fans as 'The Incredible True Story' Release Nears

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Yesterday, Logic took to social media to deliver one of his most inspirational messages yet to his fans and it's all taking place during the hype of his upcoming album, The Incredible True Story.

"Just do what you Love!!! People will tell you that you can't or aren't good enough but be persistent please!!! For your sake," said Logic in his Instagram post of a piece of paper show a ton of signatures.

"'I would follow my dream but...' I don't have the time, money, courage, education.

The second you say 'I would but...' It's over.

I said I was gonna, cover XXL, Sign a deal on my terms, tour the world, have fans, achieve goals that seemed impossible but said 'I'm gonna.' This is from 2010 before I had a fan in the world! But I believed, just like I believe in YOU! F**k anyone who doesn't honestly."

The image used for the post was a paper that Logic used to practice his signature so that he would be ready when he finally got to issue fans autographs. This post comes as his album The Incredible True Story is scheduled to release this fall. The release date hasn't been announced but we are now in the Fall season which extends to December 21.

There is still a huge gap left in the season so it's unclear whether or not Logic will be waiting until later on in the season to release The Incredible True Story. Logic is still riding the success of his debut album Under Pressure, which released last year.

So far, Logic has released the album art and the first single, "Young Jesus" featuring Big Lenbo. We'll be keeping you posted once more information on the album's release has been announced.

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