Bubba The Love Sponge Follows The News On Twitter

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Radio legend Bubba the Love Sponge not only hosts one of the most popular morning talk shows in the country, he also has one of the more interesting Twitter feeds around.

He doesn't say much. Instead, he offers a flow of links to interesting news stories. It's sort of the world through a Bubba filter.

Some of the content is news items he talks about on the air, while other stories appear to be items that catch his interest.

Bubba is largely a radio presence in the south, but he has a legion of fans, The Bubba Army, who subscribe to his show online.

Bubba also has a following that came with him from his days hosting afternoons on Howard Stern's channel on SiriusXM Satellite radio.

On Twitter, he shares stories that are interesting, but you might otherwise miss.

To see the list of BTLS affiliates, check here or visit BTLS.com to subscribe digitally.

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