Kate Nash to Launch 'Girl Gang TV'

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On Thursday, December 18th British artist and activist Kate Nash will be performing live and partaking in an intimate Q+A at Sonos Studio, an acoustically designed space in the heart of Los Angeles, to discuss her latest endeavor and celebrate the launch of her online television show "GIRL GANG TV."

"GIRL GANG TV is a global invitation to a community of feminist girls, boys, women, men and those who identify as non-binary. We want to learn ideas, share ideas, inspire and challenge public perception, challenge the media and each other. We are searching for the truth and spreading the love, life skills, self-awareness and confidence wherever we can.

In GIRL GANG we want to live a more conscious life, we want to better ourselves for the good of others and for the planet.

We believe in equal rights, human rights and animal rights and will use the arts and our creativity to spread our message and encourage others to do so too.

Our motto is: 'Make cool shit and change the world while doing so.'"

Tune in tomorrow, Thursday December 18th from 7-10 pm PST at 145 NORTH LA BREA LOS ANGELES, CA 90036 - all ages welcomed!