Artist To Watch: Goodnight Buffalo

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Atlanta-based indie rock band Goodnight Buffalo formed in 2009 and released their full length debut album Back and Fill in October of 2012. However, the band is back in 2015 with an upcoming EP titled, Internal Politics and it's pure alternative/indie gold.

"Taking their name from a line in one of their favorite childhood movies, "Radio Flyer," Goodnight Buffalo was formed by brothers Rusty and Brian Kahl in 2009.

Possessing a sound uniquely their own, yet with elements reminiscent of such bands as R.E.M. and U2," according to the band's Facebook page.

"The upcoming release of Goodnight Buffalo's third EP, Internal Politics, on October 23, 2015, marks another turning point for the band's music and craft.

From the outset of the songwriting process, the band wanted to write a more personal and raw sounding album than their previous releases."

The current members of the band are Rusty Kahl on guitars, keys, percussion and vocals, Tom Bruno on drums and percussion, Dan Edwards on guitars and vocals, Brian Kahl on vocals, guitars and keys and Clint Kahl on bass and vocals. Yes there is without a doubt a few elements from R.E.M. and U2 but Goodnight Buffalo has managed to tap into a brilliant sound whether it's the hypnotic echoing of "Seashores" or the hard-hitting "Backroads", there is something exciting and inspiring about their music. You get a sense that the band knows exactly what kind of sound they want to bring to their fans and it's unapologetically raw.

It's essentially big sound for a rising band who will surely be taking the alternative sea by storm. Check out "Seashores" from the Internal Politics EP below.

For more on Goodnight Buffalo click here and for more music click here. The Internal Politics EP is scheduled to be released on October 23.