Killer Mike Featured On 'The Moment' Podcast

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One half of Run the Jewels, Killer Mike, was the guest on Brian Koppelman's "The Moment" podcast and talked about his days dealing drugs, growing up, race relations, the state of the music industry and his duties as an artists.

Read highlights and listen to the whole excellent interview below.

On dealing drugs, a topic addressed in Run the Jewels' "Crown":

"I was able to absolve myself of that guilt until later - until it hit me. So I was able in my mind to reconcile "well I'm not selling to Jay [Mike's uncle], I'm just organizing' but the deeper I got into organizing, the more I just relaxed got and eventually it just kinda faded out with cocaine. But I will say, with marijuana, I've just never saw a problem with it.

I never saw a problem with selling marijuana. I still don't have any gripes with people who people selling marijuana. "

On school:

"I realized being smart was a great equalizer."

On being young and black in America:

"You know that on the other side of self-discipline or lack of, death is there. My father taught me that there is no disrespectful way of saying 'yes sir' and 'no sir.'"

On police violence:

"My rage comes from seeing it done to others, because they don't have the capacity to to fight it.

They don't have the capacity to with intellect or experience...they don't have the tools within their means to combat it."