Keyshia Cole Loves Her Twitter Followers

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Keyshia Cole has been pretty quiet in the past few weeks on the music front, but she loves to communicate with her fans. Recently she has been going into all sorts of topics on Twitter with her fans.

From babies to career, it seems almost nothing is off limits. The singer often interacts with fans several times a day, but has recently been opening up with Twitter users many times an hour.

Most celebrities are open to responding to fans, but Keyshia seems to take the chats to a new personal level. If anyone could be considered the queen of Twitter, Keyshia would be a top contender.

Keyshia Cole recently made news when BET ordered a new series of documentary-style shows featuring the female singer and other stars like Nelly and David Brown.

Looks like Keyshia will be getting back into the reality TV world since her first show Family First.

She often gets things started herself:

Answering questions about her baby:

And acknowledging she loves talking to her fans:

Chances are, if you want to talk to Keyshia Cole, Twitter is the place to do it (sorry Instagram).