Action Bronson Destroys A Freestyle Over 'Keep It Thoro' By Alchemist & Prodigy

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It's not too often that an artist is able to spaz out on an old school beat but what Action Bronson did over the Alchemist and Prodigy's "Keep It Thoro" is down right coldblooded.

(Freestyle Audio Below)

"I'm gonna keep it official today, you this boy Action Bronson is the nicest in the game," those were the words said by Funkmaster Flex on of the OG DJ's and radio personalities in Hip-Hop.

Bronson unleashed this freestyle while visiting the Funkmaster Flex show and something might give the listener the impression that if he had more time he'd murder it even more.

He has been compared to Ghostface Killah when it comes to his delivery which is understandable as their voices are very similar.

However, Bronson has established a name all on his own and for some might be one of the most underrated rappers in hip-hop at the moment.

His style is raw, uncut and so NYC that the gritty nature seems to be effortless.

For Flex to say that Bronson is the nicest in the game and welcome others to disagree while his position stays the same, Bronson has to be doing something right.

His album "Mr. Wonderful" is scheduled to be released sometime this year, so fans should look for Bronson to pop up a lot more in the media for 2015.

Listen to Action Bronson Freestyle Over "Keep It Thoro"