Kid Cudi to Release a 'Speedin Bullet To Heaven' Single Pack Today

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Well this week was full of amazing Kid Cudi news for fans but now it gets even better. Cudi announced that his single pack for the new album Speedin Bullet To Heaven will be released later on today.

Update: Check out the singles "Wedding Tux" and "Judgemental Cunt" below.

The single pack was originally supposed to be released at midnight but Cudi wanted to perfect the mix on one of the tracks which push the release back a bit.

Cudi made the announcement via Twitter earlier today and fans are already starting to get hyped for the single pack, before the release of Speedin Bullet To Heaven.

"Hey kiddies! The single pack will be out later today. Was tryin to make the deadline for midnite last nite but I wanted to fix the mix on 1," said Cudi.

"Ever the perfectionist!! Sorry for the slight delay but its gotta be right. You will be able to acquire new magic later on this evening!"

The single pack will include "Confused," the first single from Speedin Bullet To Heaven as well as two new tracks according to Cudi's announcements earlier this week. There has yet to be a solid release date on the album but Speedin Bullet To Heaven is also set to be a double disc feature.

Cudi also said that the album release date would be announced soon. We'll have a review of the single pack following it's release.