YouTube/Vine Star Cameron Dallas Crosses Skydiving Off His Bucket List

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Cameron Dallas has become one of the biggest stars on the Internet by building one of the largest networks of Vine followers (nearly six million people).

He is currently moving from the online world to the film world, having signed a major movie deal, but he has not abandoned his legion of fans on YouTube and Vine.

He documented his latest adventure on YouTube and described it as follows:

"Spontaneously went Skydiving with my best friends, it was so exhilarating. Thank You Aeropostale for the opportunity & helping us live in the now."

Titled "Bucket List: SkyDiving," the clip shows the young star throwing himself off a plane a skydiving for the first time. The video shows the entire journey and builds anticipation.

Dallas handles it all calmly, but there's an underlying nervous tension as you see him heading to the site, trying on his gear, and getting ready to go.

Unlike the scene in most movies where someone is afraid to jump, Dallas was not in some cavernous plane with lots of room to back away. Instead, he was in a tiny four-seater prop plane.

See the jump here:

"Living in the now, I guess. That's the best way to live," Dallas said after landing.

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