Darryl McCarty Prepares for Debut Solo Release

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Rising from London, Ontario is a Brit-pop and rock artist, Darryl McCarty. With similar sounds to Jeff Buckley, Muse and Keane, McCarty is planning to release his newest album 'The Speed of Light' late this coming March.

McCarty has spent his musical career performing at a number of different music festivals including Budweiser New Music Festival and Koi Music Fest. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing almost every instrument there is besides the drums.

The talented artist performed with Chasing Arcadia and The Ceramic Flowers, before going on to create some of his own material.

In 2012, McCarty admitted to locking himself in his basement music studio to form his first solo album.

The album was first set to be only an EP, but as time went by, McCarty had produced and recorded 30 songs, which soon had to be shortened to 11 songs for his album.

"The Speed of Light" will be the first solo release for McCarty

The work of Darryl McCarty is definitely easy listening and comparable to the artists named above.

The album is packed full of soothing guitar strums and strong vocals. 'The Speed of Light' is perfect background music for setting a peaceful and relaxing mood, or for cozying up to read on a chilly autumn or winter evening.

'The Speed of Light' will become available on March 30th but can be heard on Bandcamp. In the meantime, visit www.darrylmccarty.com for news and tour date information, and www.darrylmccarty.bandcamp.com to listen to McCarty's latest tunes.