Is Lupe Fiasco Dropping 3 Albums in 2016?

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Well if we've seen anything in the past year it's hip-hop artists dropping multiple projects. Lupe Fiasco looks to join that company in 2016 by dropping three new full length albums and the first one has already been announced.

Yesterday, Fiasco released a couple of tweets giving fans the good news. The first of the three Fiasco projects will be Drogas and Fiasco already has plans to make the first of the three projects fire from the gate.

Drogas, which happens to be the Spanish word for drugs, is set to contain a track titled, "Mural Jr." which Fiasco could only describe using a series of emojis.

Those who purchased or listened to Tetsuo and Youth know that "Mural" was one of the many standout tracks on the album coming in at 8:49 of Fiasco freestyling.

There hasn't been a release date issued for Drogas but chances are Fiasco already has most of it put together if he's already teasing one of the tracks. The other three projects are also unnamed at the moment. Many artists have promised trifectas and not many of them have actually come true.

Drake got pretty close to it this year with the release of IYRTITL and WATTBA and promises of Views From The 6.

Tetsuo and Youth was quite frankly one of Fiasco's best projects in years and lyrically he seems to be at his highest.

Fans will have to wait and see what awaits them upon the release of Drogas and the other two albums that Lupe Fiasco has planned for 2016.