Medina Unveils Shimmering New Electro-Pop Record

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The 29 year old Danish megastar and most googled musician in Denmark, Medina, has officially released her sophomore US LP 'Forever' on Ultra Music. The album is packed with gleaming electro-pop anthems and progressive house tracks.

"Fool", a single off Medina's second album is described as being "about having people in your life you just need to get rid of because they're just no good," Medina described the track.

She continued, "the song's about feeling sorry for those who refuse to change for the better." As for the track "Junkie", this single is a progressive house track that is guaranteed to "seep into your veins and make your body move".

Medina has been on the scene since 2011 when she released her US debut album 'Welcome to Medina'. The album gained worldwide success and sold over one million copies worldwide, with over 20 million views on YouTube and singles that have topped the Billboard Hot Dance Charts.

She has ruled the Danish music scene as one of the top-selling female artists to date.

The pop artist has a large European following and has graced covers of magazines won both fashion and music awards, including the MTV Award for Best Danish Act - but there is an artistic depth to Medina that separates her from the rest of the female pop icons in the music industry.

"Medina is to Denmark what Robyn is to Sweden - an electronic pop pioneer with a quirky sense of style and a bag full of killer dance tunes," Idolator recently stated about the electro-pop princess.

Medina is set to conquer the US music charts with her new release of 'Forever', which was released last month in the states.

She has already reached gold status during the five months that the album was released in Europe, and her summer tour is already sold out in Denmark.

There is tons more to come from Medina, including American performances which will be announced in January, so stay tuned and in the meantime, listen to the eclectic and catchy beats that Medina has released to win over music listeners around the world.