Taylor Swift Plays New Single At VMAs

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Taylor Swift is going full-on pop for new album "1989" and she performed its first single, "Shake it Off" on the VMAs.

Lorde introduces Swift who is laying in the center of the stage and she hops up to belt out her pop song, yes your read it right, pop. Looks like Swift is veering off the country path that she paved for herself and right into shaking up the pop charts with a new hit.

Swift even gives us a few moves that fans may have never known she had in her repertoire.

Miley Cyrus and the rest of the crowd look on as Swift ventures into this more pop sound.

She adds another one of her break downs such as in "We Are Never Getting Back Together," but then quickly surges back into the energetic performance continuing to "Shake It Off."

Swift's song is expected to top the Billboard singles chart when it comes out later this week, though she will face competition form Nicki Minaj, whose "Anaconda" video, released just hours after "Shake It Off," has gone viral, scoring 24 million YouTube views in two days, nearly three million more than "Shake It Off."