CyHI The Prince Huey

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When a rapper or artist is affiliated with a certain label in this industry, you set the bar really high and expect greatness - that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

I've always followed Kanye and his awesome career.

Its been a real thing from the very beginning. From speaking out of turning against the president, to snatching microphones at award shows - he has done a lot of outlandish things but he seems to always win. I trust Kanye totally, musically. He started G.O.O.D. Music label and I've heard about some artists down with the label but wasn't sure of the particulars. There is one shinning star that stuck out to me. He was a lyrical monster, a beast. He was something to watch.

He wasn't from NY but his demeanour was beyond hip hop. I didn't follow him a lot and it almost made me ashamed. I click the link to his video and he was already past the point of impressing me. He wasn't in the latest car, he didn't have any models and didn't have a hand full of money.

Then I found out he's from Atlanta. Was he crazy? Did he think he was going to be famous like this? To be honest, I don't think he even cared.

The video was called "Huey". For those who follow revolutionaries knew that having a song named "Huey" meant that he would not chase any hype. He would give messages to people who were interested in hearing.

This video was love at first sight, to see a rapper who avoids the regular route was shocking and I loved it. CyHi, with only one video, has become one of my favorites from Atlanta and also the first on my one to watch list. With this video, he proves that being different is still cool. He shows that there doesn't have to be a million hype men in the video, and that there doesn't need to be scantily clad women or alcohol.

He proves that your music just has be good. I take this video with me on my journey and with it I will go looking for more music from CyHi the Prince and I will support the Prince until the day he his crowned as the king.

Salute CyHI! Hope to see more from you in the future.

Watch the video here: