Coldplay Will Releases A 'Kaleidoscope EP' In 2017

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Just when we thought Coldplay was going to take a long break before releasing new music, the band hits us with some awesome news. Coldplay will be releasing a new project called the Kaleidoscope EP in 2017.

The news came from the band's Twitter account, where the tweet read, "Hello everyone, we're working on some new songs for next year. It's called the Kaleidoscope ep. We hope you're well, love cm #KaleidoscopeEP."

The cm sign out is pointing towards Chris Martin, the band's lead singer, as the man behind the message. Either way, this is great news for fans who can't get enough of A Head Full of Dreams and the rest of the Coldplay discography.

The band seems to have plenty of luck when it comes to creating hit albums. It was Coldplay at their very best, balancing alternative sounds while playing with an infusion of dance and in one instance, hip-hop sounds.

The name of the EP seems to stems from a track on A Head Full of Dreams which bares the same name. The track featured a gospel segment with an excerpt of President Barack Obama singing "Amazing Grace."

Recently, the band traveled to India to play the Global Citizens Festival where they raised a total of $5.93 billion.

So, fans get ready, there is more Coldplay music coming. Stick with Empty Lighthouse for more updates on Coldplay's Kaleidoscope EP coming in 2017.