World's End Press Premieres "Drag Me Home" Video

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World's End Press, a talented quartet from Melbourne, Australia, has had an extremely busy and successful 2013. The band toured alongside Cut Copy in the US, and toured around Australia with Hot Chip and Bloc Party.

They also had the release of their debut self-titled album, which was produced by Tim Goldsworthy, who has also worked with big names including LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy and Massive Attack. It was encouraged by Goldsworthy for World's End Press' album to be recorded as live as possible, rather than having to rely on sequencing and programming.

The album draws from a wide range of music genres - from disco to house, Jamaican lover's rock to punk, techno to krautrock.

There is a wide range of sounds that the album provides fans with, creating a unique and eclectic listening experience.

"The genre-blending romantics have issued a second taste of their Tim Goldsworthy-produced LP: "To Send Our Love", a light-footed hybrid of Krautrock's electro-march and DFA's nuovo disco, with a little bit of Talking Heads existential exploration thrown in for good measure", praised SPIN about World's End Press' debut album release.

World's End Press just released a video for "Drag Me Home", a single off the bands debut self-titled album. The video was shot in Melbourne and directed by Luci Shroder.

The video tells the story of an array of suburban clubbers each looking for something, whether it be connection, intimacy or just a good time.

The story follows these young people around for an evening, in hopes to finding what they are in search for.

While talking releases from World's End Press, the band just released an official remix of CHVCHES single "Lies". "I was getting Gary Numan vibes from the sound of the polysynth in the original and wanted to take that into a bass heavy, deep house feel", John Parkinson of World's End Press explained.

The band themselves have also been recently remixed by artists including Factory Floor, Peaking Lights and Michael Ozone.

To watch the video for the band's single "Drag Me Home" or to listen to some work from their debut album, visit World's End Press at